special THANKS

TO OUR bobcat backers


For more than 100 years, St. Robert School has been educating children that make families like you proud, not just because of their academic success, but also because of the people they become. As part of the 2021 Emerald Auction, grandparents, aunts/uncles, friends and other loved ones of our students showed their pride by donating to be a Bobcat Backer. 

bobcat backer

Bruce & Ruth Howard
Eric Ayala

Mary Anne Borowski Lutz

Virginia Bolger

Bill & Shirley Jeter

Michelle Frazier
Maggie Balistreri-Clarke & Ed Clarke 

Nancy K. Wyckoff
Thomas and Michele Pokorsky
James & Margaret W. McCartney

Kevin & Marijo Kelly
Michael & Nancy Hansen

Jon & Ann Hammes

Gary & Peggy Hefel
Karen Rodgers

Donald & Margaret Johnsen
Rozanne Schmidtlein

Eileen Murphy

Mary Kowalski

Ron & Barb Mambu

Gaile L. Hanson

Lorraine Slattery
Michael Murray
Michael & Sheila Bradford

Margaret Garvey-Kissinger

John & Lorraine Natale

David & Pauline Pfaff

Anthony & Mary Linn

Tim & Andrea Terry

Wade & Pam Rickmeier

Abby & Eric Hawkinson

Thomas Stilp

Karen Hudson

Lauren M. Beckmann

Thomas & Barbara Brochtrup

Thomas & Helen Voell
Edwin Perry

James & Susan Wyatt

Karl & Claire Wycklendt

Alice Wycklendt
Therese Simonis
Tim & Kathleen Shriner

Jolie & Ted Zimmer
Christiana Attere 


Elisha, Mary Clare & Betty Anderas
Noey Ayala

Jacob & Zachary Borowski

Faolan Breceda

Hank, Leo & Penelope Cibula

Aidan (Class of 2014), Noel (Class of 2016) and Helen (Class of 2021) Frazier

Charles & William Fricano
Charles & William Fricano
Charles & William Fricano

Grace & Graham Ghere

Abby & Sam Hansen
Abby & Sam Hansen

Ann & Abby Hammes

Noah Hefel
Noah Hefel

Ava, Oliver & Eliot Johnsen
Carolina Kasymova

Carly Kohloff

William & James Kowalski

Catherine & Andrew Mambu Rasch

Catherine & Andrew Mambu Rasch

Rylan Makowski
James & Emily Murray
James & Emily Murray

Josie & Genna Meurer

Anthony Monhindroo

Scarlett Pfaff

Colleen Platten

Cam Schmidt

Cam Schmidt

Cam Schmidt

Tom & Emmet Stilp

Katherine & Kennedy Sweeney

George Tanski

Declan, Finn, and Maddie Van Rooy

Lola & Hugo Voell
Lola & Hugo Voell

Connor Wyatt

Karl, Henry, Grace & Olive Wycklendt
Grace Wycklendt
Karl Wycklendt

Isaac, Mariah & Dominic Zimmer

Isaac, Mariah & Dominic Zimmer